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Learning Django

Posted: January 10th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Python | Tags: , , | No Comments »

Just read through the first three chapters of The Django Book 2.0. It actually makes sense now that I have gotten my hands dirty with both python and regular expressions. When I tried to learn Django the first time it was easy to understand the concepts and copy/paste code together, but now I have a much better understanding of what the code actually does, so it seems less like magic. I am really looking forward to further chapter releases.

Favorite Software of 2008

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It was not too long ago that I decided to make the transition from Windows to Linux, but so far it has been a mostly pleasant experience. My distro of choice is Crunchbang Linux, which succeeds with its design purposes “to offer a good balance of speed and functionality.” I’d used other distros in the past (more specifically Zenwalk, Xubuntu, and Antix-Mepis) and stuck with them all for a month or two, but for some reason or the other I always went back to Windows. But with Crunchbang came a nice all around package and two great programs I’d never known about but use frequently now that I do.

1. Dmenu:
It’s a simple, quick way to run any program already installed. Press a hotkey, type in the first few letters of your program, then press Enter. No need for the mouse, no searching through folders and subfolders, just quick and efficient use of the keyboard.

2. Deluge:
Another lightweight program. Deluge is a bittorrent client that reminds me of Azureus (the client I would have chosen if Deluge weren’t pre-installed) if Azureus were simpler.

3. Vim:
One that I’d tried on Windows plenty of times before with little success. It is easily the most frustrating piece of software I’ve ever used, but I’ve learned to like it and use it on a daily basis. Still learning a lot of the ins and outs and constantly getting faster with it, so hopefully my frustration will fade with time.

vimrc for AS3 development

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Backup of my vimrc file that was customized using the links below. It is setup with Flash(AS3) development in mind.


syntax on
colorscheme kib_darktango
" Normal copy/paste
vmap <C-c> y<Esc>i
vmap <C-x> d<Esc>i
imap <C-v> <Esc>pi
imap <C-y> <Esc>ddi
map <C-z> <Esc>
imap <C-z> <Esc>ui
set number
set nowrap
set autoindent
" Any file with .as extension is treated as an actionscript file
autocmd BufRead *.as set filetype=actionscript
"Preview in webbrowser
command Preview :!firefox %:p:r.swf
"This command (:DebugF) launch flashplayer debug. In gvim, juste type :DebugF or :De and tab
command DebugF :! /home/scy/flash/flashplayer %:p:r.swf
" Compile for Flash Player 10.
command Flex4 :! /home/scy/flash/flex_4.0.0.4/bin/mxmlc %:p
" Compile using Flex3 sdk and Flash Player 9.
" Output .swf is named after [filename] ie Test.as results in Test.swf
command Flex3 :! /home/scy/flash/flex_3/bin/mxmlc %:p

Particles Hidden Picture

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An experiment using particles. Loads one picture (Naota), then loads another picture (the laughing man) over it and turns each pixel into a particle. As the mouse hovers over the picture, each pixel of the laughing man picture is pushed away from where the mouse is, revealing the picture of Naota underneath.
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Box2dFlash: Basic movement

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Here is a quick example of getting a ball to roll around and hop up. It is a modification of the HelloWorld.as example that comes with Box2dFlash. Use the arrow keys to move around.
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Papervision Pong

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Pong made with Papervision 3D. It is pretty wonky, but it served its purpose and allowed me a chance to become acclimated with Papervision. Use the up and down arrows to move your paddle on the left.
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Metaballs (AS3)

Posted: December 8th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: Flash | Tags: , , , | 2 Comments »

Here is a simple 2D metaballs demo along with the source code. Hopefully the source is not too messy or hard to understand. Used the Metaballs Wikipedia article and an article titled “Metaball Math” to help me program it.
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